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A freelance full-stack web developer and occasional bicycle messenger based in Sussex.

I care about the social impact of technology, supporting web fundamentals and accessibility, and sustainable transportation.

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I build tidy, maintainable websites and web apps using Django, Craft CMS, Sanity, Next.js and React, as well as e-commerce storefronts with Shopify, with a keen attention to detail. I strive to avoid complexity for complexity’s sake, and I advocate for solutions that prioritise user experience, performance and accessibility. I have 6+ years of full-time digital agency experience (latterly at POKE) and 7+ years since freelancing for digital agencies, small businesses and startups.

I’m always interested to hear about freelance web development gigs, preferably remote, but I do occasional on-site work in London and Sussex, and I’m . If you’d like to discuss a project you think I’d be a good fit for, please get in touch.