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Fontaine Decorative Antiques

Engaging catalogue build for Kent antiques dealer

Having spotted some of my work in the wild, Fontaine approached me with a brief to redevelop their antiques catalogue site from the ground up. I put together an extensive proposal for a phased programme of development, starting with a feature set that would supersede their legacy site, then planning subsequent phases that would add significant new functionality.

A magnifying ”loupe” feature gives a closer look at an item

High on Fontaine’s list of requirements were UI and UX improvements to address some functional shortcomings in their existing site, and the promise of a new CMS that would reduce their admin workload and help them stay on top of their content. They supplied an initial set of design comps, and we were able to work quickly together to extend these into a more comprehensive responsive design language with wireframes and illustrative mobile designs from me.

After agreeing a scope for the first phase of development I was able to rapidly create a rich Django-based back-end and a fully responsive set of front-end templates. Neat customer-facing touches include a loupe feature on the product detail template that allows a quick glance at the finer details of a product’s imagery.

Since the initial launch of the first phase I’ve returned to the project several times to add further features such as item reservation functionality, editable and shareable customer wishlists, and various other improvements.

Fontaine Decorative Antiques