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Puckhaber Decorative Antiques

Media-rich catalogue for London antiques dealer

Puckhaber Decorative Antiques is quite possibly my original client – I’ve been very fortunate to have been able to work on three generations of their site over the years, and I’m particularly proud of its most recent iteration.

I was first approached by Puckhaber in 2009 to design and build a site to allow them to better market their amazing catalogue of antiques. The initial version completed in that year featured a bespoke CMS hand-written in PHP (we all went through that phase, right?), but I rebuilt the site in Django in 2012 to take advantage of the latest back-end tech and skills I’d learned by that point, and improve upon shortcomings of the original site.

2016 saw a further major update, improving and expanding the site’s content management features and replacing the front-end with a brand-new, fully responsive redesign. I’ve continued to revise and improve the site in the years since, working closely with the Puckhaber team to design and test new features. Careful design and configuration of the admin CMS has proven to be almost as important as the public-facing front-end as we continue to optimise usability and reduce time and effort in managing the site content.

The site features CMS management for multiple product catalogues, an image library, static page management and a news and press features section. It also includes newsletter subscription integration with Mailchimp, automatic Instagram content syndication and fully responsive behaviour throughout the front-end.

Spring 2023 saw further feature development as I added integration with Square, allowing items to be selected for online purchase via Square’s checkout flow. Webhook notifications keep the site’s inventory in sync by automatically marking purchased items as sold.

Puckhaber Decorative Antiques