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Showcasing inspirational collaborative design project during COVID-19

BCMH needed a holding page followed swiftly by a more fleshed-out CMS-backed site on a tight schedule, and with a bit of calendar gymnastics we were able to make it happen! The CONNECTED project for the American Hardwood Export Council sought to bring together nine renowned designers to collaborate virtually on a wooden furniture project during the height of the lockdown restrictions of COVID-19.

Interactive logotype using Lottie SVG animation

Working with BCMH’s excellent designers, I was able to create a holding page in a couple of days and follow it up with a full Craft CMS-powered site a couple of weeks later, turning around the latter in just five days, thanks to tidy, consistent design and a high level of re-use of code and components from the initial piece of work.

The resulting site showcases the ongoing progress of the CONNECTED design journey and makes full use of Craft’s features to provide smart and sensible content-management capabilities to the AHEC team. Using Craft allowed us to move quickly through the set-up phase and concentrate on front-end engineering, and I was also able to save a bunch of infrastructure-related effort by hosting on Fortrabbit for the first time. This avoided the setup and management of a traditional VPS-based environment and got us up and running almost immediately with their dev-friendly Heroku-like platform.